Husky - Forever so

How long can you listen to one album in one go? I can be pretty radical in this discipline and my ability to wear down a song or a longplay are legendary. My flatmates were cursing me for ruining it for them with pieces such as Motorcycle Loneliness by Manic Street Preachers and lots of other stuff.

I guess Husky’s Forever So is another heavy listening I just can’t seem to discourage myself from. How long? We’ll see.

Here is Husky’s full length album in streaming made available by the one and only SubPop.

Shiny object syndrome

Have you ever had that? You were all into one thing but then suddenly another one springs up and seems way more exciting. Way more shiny. 

So you switch your attention, you run on excitement, you do a lot to get it going and then - halfway through it - another thing springs up. It seems way more exciting. Way more shiny. My website queen size bed dimensions was like that.

And the cycle repeats itself. Why don’t I simply get things done from beginning to end before moving on to the next step? I wish I could do that. 

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